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Balance Transfer Credit Cards With Zero Effort

Balance transfer credit cards are considered as a tool that provides great help to many people who are overwhelmed with outstanding credit card debts.

This is because their current cards have very high rates and that for various reasons they have accumulated debts that are already difficult to cancel.

One of the most important advantages of the 0 balance transfer credit cards is that it is possible to transfer that card with high interests to another that you do not have for a year or even more.

It is really a relief for many debtors, since they will avoid accumulating unpayable sums and be negatively affected their credit file.

For those who have fallen into any of the traps that have resulted in large credit card debts, there are zero percent interest credit cards balance transfer.

It is to be thought that if one credit card has put so many people in trouble, other credit cards can help remedy them.

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best balance transfer credit cards

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Thanks to the balance transfer credit cards it is possible to save up to hundreds of dollars just by moving a balance that has a high interest rate to another card.

There is no better option than the best cards to transfer credit card balance, in turn, the longer the period that offers introductory interest-free will be much more convenient.

Although the majority are 12 months balance transfer credit cards, some offers that offer a greater amount of time can be presented, so they should be used.

Whenever the administration of a debt is made, a good credit card balance transfer cards will help to make the payment faster when transferring the amount.

How To Compare Balance Transfer Credit Cards

At the time of compare balance transfer credit cards intuition can affirm choosing that card that has the greatest introductory period.

This is not a bad choice, but there are also other considerations that can be taken into account such as the fee charged for making each transfer.

In general, the cards that offer the opportunity to make balance transfer charge a fee between 3 and 5% and if the balance is large it is possible to add up to $ 100.

In order to make the compare best balance transfer credit cards below are some steps that can be followed:

Previously Calculate Payment Conditions

In advance, it is necessary to analyze the size that you want to transfer, since the limit that the new card has may be less than the amount that really needs to be transferred.

Another calculation that is important is the amount that is more convenient to pay each month, since you want to have an amount that is more manageable.

Calculate Rates

When knowing the size of the transfer and the amount associated with each of the fees, it is necessary to perform a calculation for each of the rates involved.

Compare each of the rates offered by each of the cards

The amount of the transfer will be used, the terms and the rates that apply, then the best 0 balance transfer credit cards will be compared.

Compare Remaining Features

The priority at the beginning is to find a new card that helps pay the balance of another card, then you can go to observe other features, such as cash balance return plans.

Credit Cards With No Balance Transfer Fee

It is very easy to find low interest balance transfer credit cards, but it is much more complicated to find one than credit cards with no balance transfer fee.

These types of cards are ideal for those customers who are looking for a way to quickly cancel other credit cards that have very high interests.

There are some things that should be known before applying for these types of cards:

  • In some cases, credit unions or also some regional banks offer nil balance transfer credit cards but may require membership.
  • It can be very valuable to obtain a 0 percent balance transfer credit cards and do not make transfer charges.
  • In general, credit companies do not allow transfers between products of the same issuer.

Best Low Fee Balance Transfer Credit Cards

On some occasions, it is possible that some people may feel desperate to receive the amounts to be paid from credit cards, so it would be ideal to get more time.

If this is the case, surely you are an ideal candidate for a low balance transfer credit cards, not all offers may be the same, the best ones range between 3 and 5 %.

Here are the best low interest balance transfer credit cards:

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Make the charge for balance transfers of $ 5 and up to 3 %, whichever is greater.

Capital One Quicksilver

For any transfer the charge will be 3 %.

Discover it

Initially the charge that will be made for each of the transfers will be 3%, then it will be 5%.

Bank Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Bank balance transfer credit cards can be used to make a cash advance, this means that it is possible to transfer to bank accounts.

But on some occasions for these types of transfers, charges will be made with higher interest rates.

When making any transfer from a credit card to the account, a 3 % charge is generally applied based on the total amount.

Making a cash balance transfer credit cards is a tool that can help if at any time the person is in some trouble or just short of cash.

Balance Transfer 2 Credit Cards

The vast majority of provider companies allow balance transfer 2 credit cards to be made to a specific account.

Although it is not to be trusted since this may vary between each of the suppliers, it is first advisable to verify.

But generally the logic that is applied is that as long as the balance to be transferred in that operation does not exceed the limit, there should be no problem.

As explained above, in a large percentage of cases it will be possible to carry out this type of transfer operations.
top balance transfer credit cards

Credit Cards With Good Balance Transfer Offers

Among the top ten balance transfer credit cards are:

Discover It Balance Transfer

It offers up to 18 months for the Intro Balance Transfer Period, so it is considered to be on the list of the best balance transfer credit cards. APR 14.24 % – 25.24 %.

Citi Simplicity Card

Up to 21 months of Intro Balance Transfer Period to make credit cards balance transfer. APR 16.99 % – 26.99 %.

BankAmericard Credit Card

Within its offer is up to 18 cycles for BT billing that are made during the first 60 days. APR 15.24 % – 25.24 %.

Capital One Quicksilver

This is a good transfer balance credit cards, the Intro Balance Transfer Period for 15 months. APR 16.24 % – 26.24 %.

Chase Freedom

Due to its characteristics, it is a great balance transfer credit cards and offers 15 months for Intro Balance Transfer Period. APR 17.24 % – 25.99 %.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Like the previous ones, it offers customers 15 months transfers. APR 17.24% – 25.99%.

Citi Double Cash Card

To be considered among the best o balance transfer credit cards since within all the benefits it offers the opportunity of Intro Balance Transfer Period for 18 months. APR 16.24 % – 26.24 %.

HSBC Gold Mastercard

The Intro Balance Transfer Period may be made for the first 18 months. APR 13.24 %, 17.24 % or 21.24 %.

Wells Fargo Platinum Card

It gives the option of the Intro Balance Transfer Period for the first 18 months. APR 17.49 % – 26.99 %.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise

It goes down a bit compared to the previous ones offering up to 15 months of Intro Balance Transfer Period. APR 15.99 % – 27.99 %.

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